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The month of May 2022 marks the 20th Anniversary of Asian Heritage Month and it has never felt more important. After two years of a pandemic, it’s time to come together and celebrate the resilience and contributions of Asian peoples in British Columbia. At a time when the world is dedicated to learning, growing and ending racism, honouring Asian Canadian history has an additional level of significance.

The Victoria Chinatown Museum Society (VCMS), Wong Sheung Kung Fu, Chinese Consolidated Business Association (CCBA), local businesses and Pacific Opera Victoria (POV) are embarking on a new collaboration to mark the 20th anniversary of Asian Heritage Month in Canada. A special event will be held on Sunday, May 29th, from 1:00-5:00pm in Victoria’s historic Chinatown.

Celebrations include:

  • Dotting of the Eyes ceremony to “Awaken the Lions”, an allegorical awakening of Chinatown itself after COVID
  • The beauty and rhythm of traditional martial arts and lion dancing as demonstrated by the Wong Sheung Kung Fu Club
  • The Lion Procession to bring good fortune and prosperity to the businesses of Chinatown
  • The timeless grace of traditional Chinese dance as performed by the Victoria Chinese Culture Club Dancers, directed by Dr. Hua Lin
  • Traditional Chinese opera pieces performed by acclaimed Pacific Opera Victoria artists, John Chen and Michael Fan, accompanied by erhu (traditional spike fiddle)
  • Complimentary tours by ‘Discover the Past’, explaining the cultural richness of Victoria’s Chinatown, the most authentic remaining and complete inventory of original architectural Chinatown in North America
  • An opportunity to learn and play Chinese games, an arts and crafts station for families and a demonstration of Chinese calligraphy


Welcoming remarks, context of Asian Heritage Month and goal of the event.

Ceremony of Waking the Lions: Wong Sheng Kung Fu Club.

Victoria Chinese Cultural Dancers.

Lions Procession throughout Chinatown.

Chinese Opera performers Mike Fan and John Chen (with erhu player(s)).

Closing remarks.


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